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      About Us

      Power semiconductor device provider

      Company Profile

      Company Profile


      The core team of Shenzhen Xinyixin Technology Co., Ltd. has been focusing on components for 10+years, and its headquarters is located in Shenzhen.

      The company has an experienced engineering and technical team and business service team, and has established a complete system of scheme design, technical support and marketing. Focus on providing users with stable and reliable integrated circuit scheme design

      Overall development and design of customized and intelligent electronic products and technical services.

      It is committed to the development and design of automotive electronics, communication products, industrial manufacturing, medical equipment, power grid, photovoltaic energy, energy storage inverter vehicle series and other products, as well as product technical services in related fields

      Our programs and products have made considerable achievements in various fields

      Professional, dedicated and dedicated, providing customers with solutions and chip product supply, model selection guidance, technical consultation, tool application support, application development of various intelligent electronic products, pre-sales and after-sales service

      Free value-added services.



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      Shenzhen Xinyixin Technology Co., Ltd粵ICP備2020122569號

      Website  zuoic.com

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